Welcome to Driscol's Blue Genes. We are breeders of French Bulldogs
in a small community in Iowa.  We have been raising dogs for over 20  
years.   Eight years ago we raised English Bulldogs and we thought we
would get a French Bulldog just for fun... then 3 months later we had
four Frenchies and we have been hooked on them ever since.  

We have blue French bulldogs. The gene
that creates a blue French Bulldog is actually a
diluted black gene. Blue French Bulldogs can be
AKC registered but not shown at this time.
For more information on Blue Frenchies
check out "OUR BLUES" page.
We  offer every color  including  red and red pied French Bulldogs.
health and temperament in mind.  If your looking for a priceless As
breeders, we strive to produce show quality Frenchies with
expression we have them. Our pups are raised with love,with kids,
and in our home.  We gladly welcome visitors!!   Please contact us
or check our puppies' page for more information.        
Breeder of French Bulldogs in Iowa -
The Driscols
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